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The First Step Of Caring For Your Baby is Learning How


Parent Support Programs

Providing New Parents with Infant Care Programs that Help with Baby Development Stages

No Child Comes with an Instruction Manual, but you can learn to be prepared for your little one’s arrival. Snuggles Newborn Care offers several Parent Support and Infant Care Programs, including but not limited to Flavors Explorer, First Foods Program, Baby Chef, Infant Sleep Training, Prenatal Support, Lactation Training and more.

Parent Support Programs - Food Explorer

Food Explorer

We take a dive into your baby's tastes buds and introduce healthy eating habits. 

(Click for details about our Food Explorer program)

Starting at $200

Parent Support Programs - First Foods Program

First Foods Program

A by stages food course teaching parents how to introduce new foods to their little one.

(Click for details about our First Foods courses)

$100 / Stage Class

Parent Support Programs - Baby Chef

Baby Chef

We take the task out of your work week by cooking and prepping all of your baby’s meals.

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Starting at $300 / Week

Parent Support Programs - Sleep Training

Sleep Training

Helping parents teach their babies to fall asleep and stay asleep independently through personalized sleep plans and ongoing support.

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Starting at $50 / Hr

Parent Support Programs- Prenatal Support

Prenatal Support

Prenatal Support provides emotional, physical, and informational services to expecting mothers for a healthy pregnancy.

(Click for details about our Prenatal Support program)

Starting at $30 / Hr

Parent Support Programs - Lactation training

Lactation Training

Specialized in providing comprehensive education and training for new breastfeeding mothers.

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Starting at $30 / Hr

Snuggles Newborn Care Education Programs

Our parent education support provides programs and resources that help parents or caregivers improve their skills and knowledge related to child-rearing. This type of support aims to benefit both parents and children, as it can lead to improved parent-child relationships, increased parenting confidence, and more effective child-rearing practices.

Our classes offer support in various forms, including workshops, classes, online resources, and one-on-one assistance. Common topics covered may include child development, how to incorporate positive and healthy eating habits, first foods cooking classes, and more. Our goal is to provide parents with the tools and support they need to navigate the challenges of parenting.

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